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A Daily Social Emotional Check-In for Students. 

The solution for schools, teachers, and administrators seeking to monitor their students’ mental and emotional well-being.

How Does Bloom Work?

The Student Experience.

Students complete a Daily Check-In, composed of a series of friendly questions  assessing their current feelings, moods, troubles, issues, and concerns.

These answers to these questions, in turn, trigger responses by the system that filter through to both the Student and Teachers and Administrators.

The Check-Ins themselves can trigger by Request or Auto-Triage.

The Teacher Experience.

Teachers get the data they need in real time. This allows for a responsive, flexible sysytem that provides quick visual references of emotional trends in their classrooms.

Does a student need to check in with mental health staff? Are they where they need to be physically and mentally? Do I need to watch out for a problem that is persisting amongst several members of my class or classes?

These questions and more are answered quickly and easily by glancing at the data provided.

How Is Bloom Unique?

  • RDevelopmentally Appropriate.
  • RCompletely Customizable, Bespoke Solution.
  • RApproved By Mental health Clinicians.
  • RAligns With CASEL's Core Competencies.
  • RBased On the 5 Key Areas of SE Learning.
  • RDeveloped Alongside a Team of School Social Workers, Student Support Staff, Administrators, and Mental Health Professionals.
  • RDeveloped Alongside Student Voice
  • RCan View Group and Subgroup Level Trends
  • RCan Pair With Other User-Generated Data Sources (Teachers, Parents, etc.)

Powerful Outcomes.

  • Helps to identify students who are flying under the radar.
  • Allows for intervention of emotional indicators *before* they negatively impact academic outcomes.
  • Helps to facilitate communication amongst staff in order to support students.

Let’s Talk!

What are some things you are seeing in your school or district this year that a tool like Bloom could help with?

What are the most pressing SEL needs in your school community?

How could understanding the social emotional health of teachers and parents lead to better outcomes for students?

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Bloom Student is FERPA, COPPA, & HIPAA compliant and a Student Privacy Pledge signatory.